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How Re-Reading Helped Me Love A Book More + GIVEAWAY!

March 20, 2018

Hello, everybody! The reread-a-thon is a project organized by Merphy Napier over at booktube, and since she needed some help from her blogger friends, I knew I had to join! 


It's a super exciting read-a-thon taking place RIGHT at this moment, from March 18th to the 24th, and it’s centered on re-reading books! 


I think this is such a great concept because, in the book community, we almost never prioritize re-reading, despite being one of the things that could be so beneficial for ourselves as readers that get into slumps or burn-outs.

Even I am not a huge re-reader, but I do have special books that I want to make a tradition of revisiting every single year as a tradition. One of them is A Court of Mis and Fury by Sarah J. Maas, which I also re-read in March of last year, and that’s the book I’m going to talk about.

The first time I picked up this book, I didn’t have a physical copy because it was not available at my local bookstore, and I still don’t own one! While I would love to have it now, I’ve read the book twice on my e-reader, and I’ve annotated the file after two rounds of going through the entire story, so that edition is much more valuable to me. 


When I read ACOMAF for the first time, I became so engrossed in it and the characters. I loved it so much, and it became one of the first books that I’d ever written notes about. I highlighted passages on my device and wrote notes for myself, even though I was unsure I would come back and look at them afterward.


One of the reasons I find it so practical to annotate on an electronic device is that I don’t need a pencil, and I don’t need to be upright to write something down. But I have my ACOMAF e-copy filled with ALL of my fangirl thoughts, internal screaming references, theories even from the first time I read it, and all of my emotions recorded word by word. 


I annotated the book the first time I read it, but I felt it was so much more fun the second time. I was able to read about the world and the fascinating characters all over again, become familiar with a storyline that had kept me up until two a.m. once more, and as a bonus, experience all of my own comments on scenes and some of my predictions.


This post, therefore, could also be named “How Annotating Helped Me Love a Book More”, but it’s not just that. There are some books that change our thoughts, and some books that have characters so relatable that they become our most precious human beings, fiction be damned. I felt such a huge connection to ACOMAF the first time because of the writing and, most importantly, because of the depiction of a group of people so unique and swoon-worthy. I was OBSESSED.


The second time I read it, I saw all of this again, but it was enhanced. By reading a text twice, I noticed hints, elements that foreshadowed coming events, things that later on appeared in the third installment, and I became acquainted even more with what the author’s purpose had been while writing.

One may breeze through a book once without paying attention, but at least on your second read, you’ll notice things that you didn't before. This is what happened to me; I appreciated everything twice as much, and when you develop those types of feelings towards an author- feelings of gratefulness for what they created, admiration for the intricacies they went through, and the huge amount of planning that was put into it to be able to produce a story arch that would come full circle- that is when you understand an author’s purpose and their feelings towards the story they built up.


No matter what genre the book belongs to, no matter if it’s fluff, contemporary, thriller, fantasy, or science fiction, our mind will focus on different elements every time we read the story again. Some things that were included I didn't noticed on my first read, or maybe I didn’t remember about them. As we change as people and as our views adapt, our perspectives on ALL of the media we consume changes alongside. 


*That smidge of PINK was from my first read. I have more notes than that, but GREEN (second read) clearly went over the board. EQUALS (=) I was fangirling even more the second time around. Seemed impossible until it happened!

Not only do I experience events in a story again, but I also get glimpses of memories from when and where I was reading the book the last time. 

Re-reading books now feels like going back to a story I enjoyed and seeing it again through different eyes. Some things stay the same, and some others become more prominent.


When I re-read ACOMAF, I got the same story I loved, but I also got a different one. I hope the same for every single one of my future re-reads. 


This week my TBR consists of ACOMAF, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Clockwork Angel. I’m craving going back to these familiar worlds and getting flashbacks of those moments in my life when I read each of these for the first time. Important books that touch you get stuck in your mind, and the places or things you were surrounded by while going through them do too. Re-reading for me is like going into a time capsule. 

 *This may be an exaggeration, but wouldn't it be awesome to actually understand all of it? Whoever did this may basically have underlined the entire novel. Wow. 

For the same reason why I created my blog and my Booktube Channel do I re-read books. The reading experience gets recorded as well as little moments and excerpts from my life. I remember the book and the characters, but I also remember the context I was in. Reading something once is like documenting life and feelings in a journal. Re-reading is like going back and seeing them again, or at least for me. 

And why re-reading a book makes me appreciate it so much more is the nostalgia of past times. It’s great that this read-a-thon was created, and I’m having such a great time.


Today's Other Hosts


Booktube Host: Vanessa from Paper Faerie <3

Instagram Host: Jordan from @callmesensei14

If you want to enter my Giveaway for a book from Book Depository (open to any country BD ships to), check out the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be announced on the 22nd! Remember that today there are two more giveaways you can enter, and 3 more for every day of the read-a-thon!

Let me know what you love to re-read and what is your TBR for the reread-a-thon! <3


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I don't know what color I'll use for my next read of ACOMAF! BUT I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED. Going over those notes to screenshot has made me feel so giddy, haha. I'm super pumped. I've yellow and blue left, and I think I'll go with yellow! This file will end up looking like a rainbow!


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