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International Bookworms: Favorite International Bookish People

March 17, 2018


International Bookworms is a bookish meme hosted by Ayla over at Books and Babbles. It's such a fun series of posts to make no matter what part in the world you are from. Spotlight out beautiful, international, diverse selves! <3

This week's prompt consists of shouting-out our favorite INTL people; book bloggers, bookstagrammers, booktubers, and although it's not intended, a lifestyle vlogger was included in this as well. 


Let me know who are some of YOUR favorite INTL bookish people! I'm looking for superb reviewers and creative people, so shout all the ones you know out in the comments!


1- Ayla @Boooks & Babbles, the creator of this INTL bookish series. Ayla is such a badass blogger and I love everything she puts out. She’s super creative and has some really great answers to all the fun tags she does. I think I enjoy reading her short and sweet reviews so much in her Monthly Wrap-Ups the most because she read so many of the same things I do.

I’ve read several books she’s recommended and loved them ALL. I trust her opinions and I adore her creativeness. 



2- Dane Cobain, author, and booktuber.

Dane is such a great person. I can’t wait to read some of his books soon, but his booktube channel is one that I highly recommend every single time. My favorite series of videos he makes is his Top 4 Facts one. He accepts suggestions from his audience and gives us 5 weird, impressive and interesting facts about different authors. It’s FANTASTIC, and he’s also very multi-talented! 


3- Zoella

I couldn’t NOT include Zoella. I’m not super into fashion and clothes because I prefer to spend my money on books whenever I have the chance, but I do like looking good. For some reason, though, I never gravitated towards her channel and internet monopoly before this past Christmas. Someone recommended I watch her Blogmas series of daily vlogs, so I gave it a shot. She has two channels.

Although she's not STRICTLY a booktuber or book blogger, she does enjoy reading and I just wanted to include her. Sorry.

I am SO invested in those vlogs, her recommendations, and her STYLE. I love her aesthetic so much, and she comes across as a really fun and genuine person. I started watching her boyfriend Alfie’s videos too and I have so much fun watching both of them.

They’re creative people that I greatly admire for all of the things they’ve accomplished. They’re so young and have made everything possible to be able to do what they love for the rest of their lives. It’s really inspiring.



4-Chloe @Blushing Bibliophile

Chloe is one of my blogging bffs and I appreciate her so much. I think we’re around the same age, so many of the things she says I relate to on such a GREAT level. She’s also the queen of book reviews and blog tours. She reads so much and has very concise and interesting perspectives on the stories she consumes. I always leave her blog with new suggestions.

A buddy read with her of A Gathering Of Shadows is long-due, by the way! Check Chloe out!



5-Anisha @Sprinkled Pages 

Anisha is an Aussie blogger and booktuber (you may sense a theme here. I’m really into booktube too!). She’s never afraid of speaking her mind, she’s so well-read, and both her blog’s design and video backgrounds are on-point. 

Anisha is a beautiful human being and I think all of you would love reading and watching her content. 


International Bookworms is by far one of my favorite bookish memes. I enjoy reading these posts so so much because I usually relate so much to the bloggers. Tell me where you are from and what are your favorite local books or authors, as I would LOVE to know. Have a beautiful day, I love you all!

February Wrap Up: 7 books, 2,577 pages, 3 fantasy, 3 contemporary, 1 classic. <3



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