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International Bookworms: To Be Translated

January 7, 2018

Hello, everybody! Today I have for you the start of a new meme created by my friend Ayla from Books and Babbles called the International Bookworms meme. A new prompt will be announced every two weeks, and this first one is our To Be Translated list!

As you may know, I’m not an English first language blogger, and I’ve been looking for a way to speak more about being International on the blog. When Ayla announced this meme, I knew I would be on board.



To Be Translated seeks to spotlight books that we would like to be translated to the language of our country by a local publisher. And if you live in an English country, just name the books you’d like to see published locally!


I hope you enjoy this awesome new series that will be regular on my blog!

1-Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

I’ve just recently been reading this book and I’m in LOVE with it. I know that many teenagers and readers from my country love this type of novel and characters, and they would for sure feel so identified with everything described in this book. Eliza would make a great translation into Spanish. 


Photo @omadamreadsalot @owlcrateshop



2-More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera


I would love ALL of his books to be translated into Spanish, but the first one he wrote is a good place to start off. This has already been published by publishers in Spain, but not in Argentina yet. Again, the themes, the emotions, and all of the POWERFUL messages this book conveys would be very appreciated by the YA audience in my country. I have the impression that many of us like dramatic, heavy, and powerful books that will touch us and change us. That’s how it goes where I live, rather than just fluffy books to spend the time. That also, we all need cute, fluffs every once in a while. But the books in history that have really impacted Argentina are the ones with several layers of complexity and complicated, relatable characters.


3-The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis


Another of my favorite books, The Female of the Species would have huge success in Argentina. Not only would it be popular, but it’s also the type of book needed. I like to go into my local English Bookstores, find this book, and place it looking forward on the shelves. 


To mix things up, I wanted to include some Spanish books I think would be GREAT stories to translate into English for international audiences or in other countries of the world in general. These are some of my FAVORITE Spanish titles, and if you’d like to practice your skills in the language, or if you already read in Spanish, then here you have some AMAZING recommendations!



4- Los Vecinos Mueren en las Novelas (All Neighbors Die in Novels) by Sergio Aguirre


This book plays with what’s real, what’s not, what’s a tale invented to scare an old, Englishwoman, and what's happening in actual life. It’s a new way of writing crime novels, with several stories inside one, and two people who went in to have a cup of tea and ended up inside a huge mess. 

I’m being VAGUE here, but trust me this is good. Translated, the tagline says:


-Everything starts like this: a man arrives at the house of an old lady, a stranger to him. He himself doesn’t know, until he calls to the door, that he has decided to kill her.  


-Porque todo comenzará así: un hombre llega a la casa de una anciana absolutamente desconocida. Él mismo no sabe, hasta que llama a la puerta, que ha decidido matarla.


5-Detectives En… (Palermo Viejo) by María Brandán Aráoz


This detective series was one of the first ones that got me into reading. I read them ALL out of order, but I didn’t mind at all. One of the aspects I love the most is that each installment is set in a different part of my country: Palermo Viejo, Belgrano, Recoleta, Córdoba, Mar Del Plata, etc. 

It was great reading a series of books set all around my country, and the mysteries were amazing. International people would love these books too!!


These particular books were published by Alfaguara, one of my favorite publishers in Argentina. Many of the books I’ve read by them would be GREAT translated, and many other readers around the world would love them too.


I hope you have enjoyed this meme and this week’s prompt! It was a super fun idea, and I’ll be glad to continue along with it! Tell me what you think of the books I picked, and if you are a Spanish-speaking person, also feel free to recommend me your favorite books!

Leave a link to your International Bookworms post so that I can check it out! Remember that there’s a link-up on Books and Babble’s blog for anyone that is thinking about joining us too!



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