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Magical December 2017 Wrap Up

January 3, 2018


December Recap


1- Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody. 3/5 stars

Quite disappointing. I was expecting a fast-paced engaging read, but I didn’t get into it until I got past 180 pages, and that’s just too much. The writing style was amazing, and the main character grew on me, but my enjoyment was affected by the slow pacing, lack of development in the side characters, and world-building outside of the festival.


2- The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. 4/5 stars


GREAT book filled with dragons, magic, and stories. I devoured it and loved it so much. I decided to give it 4 stars in the end because, once more, the side characters should’ve been explored much more. But other than that, the dragons, writing style, and powerful storyline GRIPPED me!


3- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. 5/5 stars


I can’t believe I didn’t read this as a child. What a shame. It was STUNNING, of course. Brilliant and so imaginative! I had normalized the movie so much, but after reading the actual book and pondering on this story, I realized just how creative and UNIQUE it is. Roald Dahl is another masterful genius. 


4- What To Say Next by Julie Buxbaum. 4/5 stars


It was about a girl who recently lost her father in a car accident and an isolated boy who struggles with socializing. It was cute, it was sad, it dealt with grief really neatly, and it was a really short, fast read. I finished reading it feeling positive and happy, despite some of the sad things that happened. I would definitely recommend.


5- One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake. 4.5/5 stars


This sequel blew my mind. The Three Dark Crowns series has become one of my favorites, and I’m IN LOVE with Kedare Blake’s dark, sarcastic writing style. The plot twists were fantastic, but still, this book didn’t shock me AS MUCH as the first book. That one was a tough installment to overcome, so I took off half a star. But really, that’s just me being really picky. PICK UP THIS SERIES!!

6- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. 5/5 stars


Well, there’s no explanation needed for this, is there? IT’S HARRY POTTER. I took thorough (maybe? how thorough can you be when you’re reading the best book of your life?) notes and shall soon make a video + a post discussing all of them. It’s so hard to review this series, and I won’t even try doing it in a conventional way. I'll have a chat about what the fork happened and fangirl all over this blog. OKAY? GREAT. 



December Stats

Books Read: 6

Pages Read: 2,432 

Average Rating: 4.25 stars!

My Year In Books


◦ In 2017 I read 32,742 pages across 96 books.

◦ The longest book I read was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with 870 pages.

◦ The shortest book had 80 pages and it was La Bailarina, which I DON’T recommend.

◦ The Most Popular Book I read was The Great Gatsby, with 3,802,51 ratings.

◦ My average rating for 2017 was 4.2 stars! Which is stunningly good, but I was also a bit too generous. 2018 won’t be the same.

◦ The Highest Rated on Goodreads book was A Court of Mist And Fury, which I will actually re-read for the second time next year!

◦ My Last Review of the year was my pointless one for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


• My Most Read Authors up-to-date are Sarah J. Maas (10 books), Rick Riordan, Kasie West, Ally Carter, and J.K. Rowling. 


• I gave 40 / 96 books 5 stars, which is EXCESSIVE and too relaxed. I’ll be stricter in 2018 because I don’t agree with some of these ratings anymore! 


This Month on the Blog


I created a tag for the festive season where I included ALL of my Blogmas posts, which was basically most of what happened this month. I posted an article, tag, chat, book review every single day of December leading up to Christmas, and it was the best content I’ve put out all year, as well as the lot I had the most fun writing!!


These are some of the thumbnails for 6 of my blogmas posts, but there are many more!


Link to Feature



Blogmas will definitely become a thing next year, so stay tuned! I posted original prompts that were a surprise every single day, but I may create a schedule for you guys next year. I wrote everything ON THE GO, with very little time and not a lot of preparation.


In 2018 I will prepare some of the posts beforehand so that I don’t involve myself in SUCH a frenzy. For the first week of January, I’ll be off to the beach and enjoy some Holiday time, so I will post SCHEDULED, interesting stuff. I think I will have a post up on my birthday, which is January 6th!!


Posts that I LOVED

I’m a big Booktube watcher, and I will convince anyone of joining the community as I can. So here are a mix of blog posts and AMAZING youtube videos that I loved this month!


Sam’s Glorious Discussion about Reading Controversy on Youtube.

Ayla’s Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag 

Paper Fury’s Did My Most Anticipated Books of 2017 Meet or Murder my Expectations? 

249 Thoughts someone at Epic Reads had while reading One Dark Throne


Looking Back on 2017



I had a fabulous year, albeit a bit long. It was excruciatingly painful to get through it, but the end is worth it. The Summer Holidays for me (right now) is my absolute favorite time of the year, so I’ll be having a great time. But here are some things I did in 2017 that I am proud or happy to have accomplished:


-I studied so much and did my best to improve my skills. It worked.


-I had the best academic average of my entire year, and that was something I worked hard for this year.


-I read 96 books!!! My reading goal was 70, and I surpassed it by MUCH. 


-I had my best reading year yet, and I read so many amazing books that changed my world.


-I G R E W. I’m a different person, more mature, changed, with different features and tastes in food, movies, books, everything. And it feels GOOD to feel a little more grown up.


-I started my BOOKTUBE CHANNEL! This has been my dream ever since I discovered the book community. Booktube led me to book blogs and to create a blog myself. I am so grateful that people out there enjoy talking with me and with other book nerds about what we all love the most. It warms my heart, and now I’ve finally done it myself. My channel is called Sophiesticated Books, and I am really excited about everything I have in store for it!


-I hit 1,000 visits on my blog! 


-PEOPLE TALK TO ME. I started out in September of 2016 feeling like I was utterly alone, chatting with the wall and managing as I could. And then my blog grew so much and people actually started commenting. I was the happiest person. Thank Y'all.

Sophie’s 2018 Challenges 


-Beat the Backlist hosted by @Novel Knight 

-Audiobook Challenge 2018 hosted by @Caffeinated Reviewer 


And on a side note… I should stop using pictures that are not mine. You see, I was not familiar with copyrights, but it’s a serious business. I won’t use any more images that are not mine, and if I do, I’ll have to make sure to credit the creators. I feel so grateful to have found this out by my experience with learning more about Youtube, as well as a very helpful person who answered my Survey and told me about this issue too. I’m glad I realized this, but also super sad I won’t be able to do some of my aesthetic boards anymore!!


Finally, I had to pick my next Goodreads Reading Goal! I know some people don’t participate in this because they don’t want to be stressed about reading, and because they believe reading for them should not be forced by the means of a challenge. However, this would not at all work for me. I LOVE challenges and goals, especially because I like planning for them. I’m really a creature of habit and structure, so competition is really good because I love strategy. 


My 2018 reading goal will be 80 books. I surpassed that this year as well, but I like to increase my goal by ten every year. In 2015 my goal was of 50 books- I read 55. In 2016 it was of 60- I read 66 or something like that. In 2017 my goal was 70- I read 96. 2018 will be 80, and so on. 



I hope you have enjoyed this year with me. I’m so grateful to all of you who consistently read, visit, comment, and enjoy chatting with me, something I never thought would happen. This corner of the Internet is my safe place of joy, where I truly feel like myself and as if I’m among my rightful tribe, community. The Book Blogosphere is incredibly welcoming, and I love it so much. 


Do not pity the dead, “insert your name here". Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without BOOKS. 



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