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Blogmas Day 21: My 5-Star Predictions for 2018

December 21, 2017

I’ve seen this post floating around everywhere on Booktube, created by Mercy's Bookish Musings. It's a simple concept but very interesting to do, and it consists of gathering up a list of books that you believe will be 5-star reads, the best of the best, which will impact you, beak your heart, or fascinate you in such a way that they'll become instant favorites.


Coming up with these books was more difficult than I thought, because I can never be 100% sure of a story and whether it will, in fact, BLOW ME AWAY as I would love it too.




I have incredibly high expectations for all the books I read, and most of the times there is *something* that I don’t quite love. 


But I also sometimes try writing a story myself and fail miserably, so then I value all of the authors out there who can pull of writing solid novels. I get inspired by them, try to write again, and the circle starts all over. SOMEDAY, though, I will finish this project. I WILL. 


I would love to read these and review them, to see if they actually ended up meeting my 5-star expectations, completely failed, or stood at the midway point, and WHY. Basically, with all my TBR books, all the ones I’m adding every single day, plus all the things I want to do in 2018, people from real life can expect not to see me in a loooong while.

YOU, however, have nothing to worry about because I am STILL addicted to the blogging life. I’m not going anywhere if that’s what you were waiting for... Enjoy!

1-The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


I think I’ve done enough talking about this book on my blog. It's the most hyped up story of 2017 and I haven’t heard a single soul complaining about it. I will love it, I will treasure it, it will be great, THERE IS NO DOUBT WITH THIS ONE (i hope pls be good). 


JUST in case you live under a rock and don’t know what THUG is about, this follows Starr Carter, a girl that is in between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends.


One night, she bears witness as her childhood BFF, Khalil, is shot by a police officer, even though he was unarmed, and the night turns into the country’s breaking news. Controversy strikes in the form of discrimination and prejudice, while others protest in the name of Khalil. 


But every person still wonders what really happened that night, and the only one alive who can answer is Starr.



2-The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


I am a little too over-excited about this book in particular. If you don’t know it yet, my fellow bloggers and friends influence what I pick up to read a lot, and all I’ve been hearing from people with ARCs of this book is high praise. I LOVE faerie books, especially the ACOTAR series and SJM’s take on them, but it's also time for me to read Fae books from other authors too!


I am involved in a Book Box mystery hunt, so if anyone knows who people call “The Faerie Queen”, please tell me because I am too eager to find out if this will be the book featured in the ?? book box I got for my birthday. I am hoping it really is! But I also have other suspicions, so I'm not sure.


The Cruel Prince is about Jude, who at 7 years of age was whisked away into the Faerie Court along her two sisters after the murder of both her parents. Ten years later, Jude wants nothing more than to belong to this world, even though most of the fey despise humans, especially the most wicked son of the High King. To win a place at the Court, she must defy him. 


This is said to be a political, deceptive, battle-filled book that I cannot wait for!!!


My Reasons to Love it:

◦ There are Faeries involved, so YES already.

◦ A LOT of people are loving it.

◦ Sounds dark, mysterious, and murderous.

◦ Court intrigue, dark atmosphere, and DID I MENTION THE FAERIES????



3-Far From the Tree by Robin Benway


We have just made a huge turning point from dark books and fantasy to love, family, and adoption. I feel slightly bad because I thought this was Benway’s debut novel and that it had won the National Book Award on her "first one".

I was unaware that she had written 6 prior novels, including Emmy & Oliver, which I do recognize. I was drawn to Far From the Tree after it won the Award and many internet sites started talking about it.


When I saw it for the first time, some months before its release, I had just finished reading another adoption book; Welcome Home, an anthology of many short stories. 


I'm interested in reading more about this theme, and this book looks like a heartbreaker to me. It's about three adopted children who find each other at “just the right moment”.

The synopsis depicts three kids with very different personalities, but who will grow closer during the course of this book. It’s about love and family, and I'm sure that it’s going to make me cry.


My Reasons to Love it:

◦ I’m an emotional person when it comes to my family, deep inside, and this book seems like it will warm my heart.

◦ I’ve read other adoption books about found-families, and I enjoy them very much. I really think it won’t be any different with Far From the Tree.

◦ When THAT COVER is in my hands, I’ll be bound to fall in love with it 5000 times more!



4-Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend


This book was pitched as the next Harry Potter, which is no small claim to me at all! I don’t know who in their right mind would hype a book up like that, but it has worked to attract my interest, so, well done, I guess???


Magic is like my biggest bookish buzzwords, and also one of the most COMMON themes across YA

(hence the HUMONGOUS TBR, guys).


But I just want this book to meet those MOUNT-EVEREST-HIGH expectations and rock my world! 


It is about a girl called Morrigan Crow, who is cursed. She was born on the unluckiest day for a child to be born, which means that she is blamed for all of the unfortunate disgraces happening around her in the town- heart-attacks, storms, etc. 


Also, she’s bound to die on her 11th b-day. Way to go, Mor.


But, but, but! On that day, a mysterious man arrives and takes her to a secret, magical city called Nevermoor, helping her escape that doomed fate. This is where she is presented with a complicated competition against hundreds of other children that this man has chosen her to participate in. And if she wins, she will be able to join the Wundrous Society. Will she do it? Will she not?


ALL I KNOW IS THAT THERE'S A TALKING CAT who looks much like Cinderella’s Stepmother’s Lucifer pet or something and I’m excited!!!



5-Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff


I ADORED the first book in this series, Nevernight, and Goodreads and my blogger friends say this sequel is even better. Jay Kristoff is my kind of writer because of his snarky, sarcastic writing, narration, darkly conflicted characters, and MIND-BLOWING PLOT!!!! There is yet another cat, made of shadows this time, who also talks. I think I’ve found a recurrent theme in the books I’m drawn to. I don’t even love cats that much??? WHAT IS GOING ON.


My Reasons to Love it:

◦ Kristoff’s writing style speaks to my soul. Nevernight’s first line had me SHOOK and at the same time lmao: “People often shit themselves when they die”. Take note. That’s how you start a book ;)

◦ The ending of Nevernight left me so intrigued! I’m sure everything that will happen in this one will knock my socks off. 

◦ Yes, there’s another talking cat. And he is also the Sass Master, so...



6-Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows


I recently read and loved The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli, and I gave it 5 stars. It is about dragons and bad-ass slayers, and I’ve been told that since I enjoyed that one, I will love Before She Ignites too (it also works vice-versa. Check out my review HERE).


My friend Ayla from Books and Babbles made an awesome review of this book, and I was HOOKED after reading it. This is about dragons, a MC called Mira, and it was written by a great author I really want to read more from.


Francina Simone’s review was also very interesting, and with all of the reasons both ladies provided explaining why we should read this book, I became super interested in it. It has two timelines, like in History is All You Left Me, and if done well, I think that's a great addition. 

This has all the elements that a story needs to satisfy me!


My Reasons to Love it:

◦ DRAGONS and that should be all I’d need to say. But there’s more.

◦ Written in two, alternating timelines, which creates suspense and intrigue.

◦ The main character struggles with anxiety, and I’ve heard good things about the way it was represented.

◦ I’ve heard Mira is a relatable person, flawed, complex, and interesting to read from!



7-The Power by Naomi Alderman


Finally, The Power by Naomi Alderman looks like a promising book that I will HIGHLY enjoy. Probably. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.


It's by far one of the most interesting premises I’ve encountered hitherto, set in our contemporary world, but in tomorrow’s day, when something vital and utterly game-changing has been discovered. Teenage girls are now able to inflict unimaginable pain, like an electro-shock, with a touch of their fingers. The world is turned upside down, and as one would expect, the social roles are inverted.


Another interesting aspect of this novel is that the female author has written and described this story about a changed society through the eyes of a male journalist. What an interesting twist to our every-day, average life, right? Science Fiction mixes with reality to make up this powerful-sounding dystopian!!


My Reasons to Love it:

◦ I feel like this will be a deep analysis of the world and gender roles. It sounds ground-breaking.

◦ I have never heard a more interesting premise about a book set in our contemporary world.

◦ This is said to be a feminist work of fiction and I'm into it.

◦ The fact that it will be narrated through the viewpoint of a male reporter is EVEN BETTER. 

I really hope that I rate 5 stars to each of these books. Hopefully, if I allow myself and my brain doesn’t kill this cool idea, I would love to read and review each book separately, a then make an overall wrap up of these 7 5-star predictions! Writing about why I think I will utterly fall in love with all of these made me MORE HYPED for them.



I’m a mood reader, so I change my mind A LOT about what I want to read. However, on this list, I made sure to include a book of every genre, mix in dark fantasy, with contemporary, feminist literary fiction, and DRAGONS. I think I’ve built this list perfectly to be excited about picking up any one of these books all year long. 



Let me know if you’ve actually read any of the titles I mentioned, and if you think it will meet my high expectations! Which are you interested in as well? Also, what are your bookish buzzwords? Have a great day!



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