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Blogmas Day 18: Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

December 18, 2017

Happy Blogmas Day 18!  

Today is a great day for several reasons. First and foremost, I’m doing one of the best Christmas tags I’ve ever seen and one that really excites me. Secondly, today is my father’s birthday, so it will be a very festive time! I will not write what will happen today because he may read it in the morning this post is published (he does that often), but I just want to wish him a very happy day. 


You know, I hadn’t even thought about it until this moment, but the Naughty or Nice Tag is very fitting for December 18 for even more reasons! What do parents do besides love you and educate you? They also teach you right and wrong. So thank you, dad, for doing all of that. Also, I’m not the nicest girl when it comes to reading and life duties as one would think. I have many pending jobs and disastrous experiences! Just read this tag and you’ll see!


A massive thank you to Ayla from Books and Babbles for tagging! After reading her post, I was planning on doing this tag anyway because it was such a fun one! But at least now I have an excuse to do it thanks to her. People won’t think I’m absolutely friendless, so, THANK YOU, Ayla!


Received an ARC and not reviewed it 


We encounter each other again, NetGalley TBR. *Coughs* herm… YES, I’ve done this multiple times! I have a couple of books unread on Netgalley that I dumbly requested and have NO interest in reading. There are some that I am really excited about, but the sheer fact that I was accepted for them to write a review puts pressure on me and takes some of the fun away.


I, thankfully, am currently finally reading one of those books I should have reviewed months ago, back in April. I know that may not be that long ago for some of you who have books since 2014, but April was around the time when I STARTED my NetGalley account. What a way to kick it off, right? However, I HAVE read and reviewed some other ones, but they haven’t been MIND-BLOWING, and the majority were disappointing. The one I’m currently at, though, is AMAZING, so I’m really happy about it.



Have less than 60% feedback rating on Netgalley 


*Triumphant* Haha! NOPE. I have 60% nailed. Not good, but I’m considered “Nice” in this question! I do have to fix it, though. 



Rated a book on GoodReads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did) 


I’m sure I’ve done it at some point, but I’d like to give you an example. Is there a way to see ALL my reviews together on Goodreads? I can’t find a ‘Reviews’ tab on the website, but I have to at least have done it once. However, I do have in mind when I write “RTC" that I must be 10/10 sure that I will post my thoughts soon. It’s a pet peeve of mine to see the abbreviation of Review To Come on someone’s update of September 2013 while there’s still NO REVIEW on the horizon, so I’m careful when I do it, lmao. 



Folded down the page of a book 


Many readers consider this an offense, a deadly sin, but I ought to confess that I DOG-EAR the pages of my books. *Gasp!* I am so sorry, I should change this habit, I know, but I have a good explanation of why I do it! 


I'm really annoyed when I have to keep track of where I left the bookmark. I’ve tried all bookmarks of every kind: magnetic, paper, fancy ones, crappy ones. But if I don’t lose them in the tangle of bedsheets, inside my sofa, under my bed, or wherever it is that they disappear to, then I am constantly anxious about WHERE the bookmark is, and I can’t relax. I like to be the book and myself, without having to take care of ANYTHING else that is tiny or might get lost somewhere.


Like they say, I don’t lose my head because it’s glued to my neck. 



Accidentally spilled on a book 


I don’t think I’ve ever spilled tea on it, but the other day my dad was playing with me and he spilled water from his bottle onto my hardback cover of One Dark Throne, they were only a couple of droplets, but maybe that counts.


I’ve done FAR WORSE things to my books, though.


Last summer, I left my copy of Geek Girl on a bench in the backyard of my beach house accidentally after sitting there to read. I forgot about it completely, and only remembered at night when I went to pick it up again. Unfortunately, the irrigators had been turned on, and my book was SOAKED. I spent like an hour and a half drying page by page with the blow drier. It never looked the same.




I have yet another story to share! I never spilled tea on my book… but I did spill an entire mug on my computer’s keyboard!!! My brother saw everything, and I bribed him into silence. I was so scared that it would not work anymore and that my parents would murder me because it was NEW!!! It happened years ago, but I still remember. I rushed for aid and found out what to do if something like that happened. Turn the device off, try to take all of the water OUT by shaking, let it dry and hope for the best.


It kept on functioning! It works perfectly up to this day! I was amazed because I’d spilled THE ENTIRE mug onto it. I'm a disaster and SO clumsy. Deadly, even. 



DNF a book this year 


This is SO crazy, but I actually have DNFed a book in 2017. Only one! And it is an absolutely ridiculous one. I DNFed Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, my favorite book of the Throne of Glass series, during my re-read! It’s not because I wasn’t liking, OBVIOUSLY not for that reason. But exams were starting to come up and I had to drop everything. So I DNFed Heir of Fire and decided I would simply jump back into Tower of Dawn to make space for all of the other books I’m dying to read. 


But I fully re-read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight this year, and it was beautiful to go back again to the very start. Heir of Fire is amazing, but I don’t feel the need to read it again now!  



Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it 


No! I buy many books mostly because of their covers, but NEVER if I don't intend on reading them at some point. If the cover is gorgeous but I literally have zero interest in the premise, then I won’t buy it.  



Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else (like homework) 


Of course, I’ve done this! This is the story of my life, basically. I read while I was supposed to go to a birthday party, to go to a dance party, while I should have been studying, feeding the dog, talking to other humans… I am an anti-socializer at heart, even though I LOVE interacting with friends. It’s just that sometimes I need some “me” time to recover and process all of the thoughts that go through my mind. 


I do beat myself up for reading instead of studying, and pretty harshly. But I manage to balance both things, which I thought would be an impossible task at the beginning of this year. The key is that time is not created on its own. We make up time! 



Skim read a book 


I do this often when a book is boring or slow. I hate the DNFing stuff, so my way to cope is skimming some parts that don’t interest me. I don’t FULLY skim books, only some sections to avoid feeling like I’m sleeping through a story or that the plot is dragging me along. The one book I remember skimming the most out of my list was Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. I read only dialogues for a big percentage of the book because that one was TOO boring. 



Completely missed your GoodReads goal 


Not today, Satan! I am a competitive and determined person. I fight till the LAST second, and you can bet that if I set a Goodreads Goal, I WILL BEAT IT. This year I set the aim at 70, and I’ve read 92 books up to this moment, which is CRAZY for me. Another example: the first year I started really getting into reading, I was 10 years old, growing on 11. My father told me that a scientist or some fancy man had said that kids in the United States should read 50 books a year at least to develop their skills as much as possible. He wanted me to do the same. 


I was intimidated because I had never read that much in my entire life. But I accepted the challenge. That year I read 55 books. 



Borrowed a book and not returned it 


My school’s library used to only let us check out a book at a time. Ridiculous, I know. That has changed now because the old librarian is gone, but I always keep track of all the books I check out, and if I see they’re from the library, they usually turn into priorities and I always end up reading them.

My brother, though, is another story. I wanted to get him into reading this year, so at the very start of 2017 I picked some books for him and checked them out under his name. He STILL hasn’t read them and STILL hasn’t returned them, even though last week was his last one and despite I insisted that the stories I’d chosen were AMAZING. But I guess I’m clean, while he’s not. 



Broke a book buying ban 


Near where I live there aren’t bookstores that update themselves on new releases, and they pretty much have the same books year-round. They are getting better, but since I’m either no longer interested in the old YA books or I’ve already read them, all of my books come from E-books or Barnes and Nobles and Waterstones when my father travels for work. I buy some of my most anticipated books on Book Depository, but never too many. So I really have no reason to put big buying bans because I don’t splurge on books. 



Started a review, left it for ages then forgot what the book was about 


Haha, I’ve done this too many times to count. It ALMOST happened with Daughter of the Burning City, but I re-read some passages and managed to bring my thoughts back. Something similar happened with my Review of the short story collection Welcome Home. I left it for a long time unwritten and, since there were SO many stories, even though I’d written down the titles and authors of each one, I had forgotten about ALL of them. I had to at least re-read the first paragraphs of each story to remember and write my reviews for each short story.



Wrote in a book you were reading 


I never highlight or write on books that I read, but I do remember this ONE instance in sixth grade when we were in the reading workshops. Everybody had a library copy of Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, but I had my own. Everybody made notes on post-its and stuck them in the pages for later on, but I directly wrote everything on the margins and really didn’t give a damn. 



Finished a book and not added it to your GoodReads 


I religiously use Goodreads, so I am 100% positive this has NEVER happened. I update the books I’m currently reading, my progress on them, and my rating when I’m done. I have nowhere else to keep track of my reading challenge, so using Goodreads is an obligation! :)

Results: 8/15 Naughty! I've been more naughty than nice! 


Verdict: I’m receiving COAL this Christmas.

I cannot believe I’ve done so many of these naughty things! I had so much fun answering these questions and writing some of the fun, disastrous stories I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing. Which did you think was worse, guys? The tea-on-computer spilling or the fact that the irrigators ruined my book because I left it outside?


For this EXCELLENT questionnaire, I’m going to tag Chloe @ Blushing BibliophileShanu @ Scribbles on a Screen,  Rissi @ Finding Wonderland, Amber @ The Literary Phoenix, and Nuria from Unwrapped Dreams, my fellow Christmas lovers!! 

Are you on the Naughty or Nice? Will you be getting presents or eating coal like me? I’d love to know!  




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