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Blogmas Day 14: Books & Characters That Win at Christmas

December 14, 2017

Hello, everybody! I’m doing a special post today that I am super excited about. I will be writing about some Books and Characters that definitely kick ass during Christmas.


These are fictions and people who were made for this season, and I cannot wait to start! This post was first created by Shanu from Scribbles on a Screen when she did the Fall Edition! I told her what an EXCELLENT idea this was, and also let her know that I would love to do something like it too. So for Blogmas Day 14, I’m doing its Winter version!!


Inspired by Scribbles on a Screen

I will include many of my favorite things in this post, like character aesthetics, bookstagrams (including the credits), and a lot of amazing books and characters. I will start off listing people who totally KILL IT at Christmas because of different reasons and personalities. 


Then I will present to you some books which are PERFECT for the Winter Season and for reading cozied up, with the snow falling outside (I wish I had snow here) and a cup of tea/chocolate/coffee. I hope you enjoy!

Characters Who Win At Christmas

-Molly Weasley

There is probably nothing more magical than Molly Weasley during Christmas time!! She is so enthusiastic and sweet, definitely a woman inclined to have family-time, decorate everything, get excited over socks and wool sweaters, and overdo it with the cooking!


Molly wins at Christmas because, thanks to her spirit and loving heart, she manages to get all the family and friends together to celebrate and be thankful. I love to imagine the Christmas Turkey, Meat Pie, and her Magical Fudge!! She can organize any feast and excel with the care of her family and food skills!


"Forbidden Forest" ceramic mug from Owl Crate


-Lara Jean


Next is Lara Jean Song Covey, our preferred baker and cookie master! Lara Jean is fit for any season, really, because her aesthetics and beautiful personality shine through at any time of the year. But I feel like Winter is the most prominent answer. She loves festivities, and we’ve all seen her obsessing over Easter Chocolate Eggs.


She makes a BIG DEAL of family reunions, and she enjoys seeing everybody happy. Just like Molly, her eagerness and kindness help her win at Christmas and the Holiday season!! Also, I’m sure her favorite part is decorating the Tree!  






-Charlie Bucket from The Chocolate Factory

Charlie Bucket is a fortunate child. Not only did he get more chocolate bars than he was expecting that year, but he found the Golden Ticket among one of them AND won the entire Chocolate Factory! 

“But my dear boy,” he cried out, “that means you’ve won!”


Charlie loves chocolate, but unfortunately, he doesn’t get to each much beyond cabbage soup and bread due to his family’s poverty. That winter, though, everything changed. He was a very lucky person to have found the ticket, but his modesty and honorable morals were what opened his way. Charlie wins at Christmas because of chocolate, the unity of his family, and his righteous morality.



-Luna Lovegood 

You’d think Luna would excel at Halloween because of her outstanding dressing abilities and UNIQUE outfits, and she does. But also, I think that she wins at Christmas too. With her nice personality and tender manner, her spirit is just fit for the Winter Holidays too.


Not only is she an example of an accepting, warm-hearted person that doesn’t care about scrutiny nor differences, that sees everybody as equal, but she could also lend a great hand to Mrs. Weasley in the knitting and clothe-making department! I am SURE the sweaters that year would be… original.


“Don't worry, you're just as sane as I am.” 


-Vika Andreyeva from The Crown’s Game

Vika is one of the two enchanters in the world of The Crown’s Game, and to become the official one and keep all the power, she must engage in a battle against the only other enchantment, Nikolai. Set in Imperial Russia, this story kept me reading until late at night, and I fell in love with everything about it from the food, to the characters, to the magic system!

Art from Fairyloot's December, "Oh So Regal" box.


Vika has some AMAZING skills, like summoning gold and turning ash into gold. She has the spirit of a winter creature, and she can control the weather. Vika wins because she could make it snow anywhere and let anyone have a white Christmas (including me!). 


Books That Win At Christmas

-The Night Circus


This is probably the most atmospheric and gorgeously written book I have ever read. Winter is the time for intricate, cozy books that create vivid worlds and settings. If you want a slow-burn book to warm you this Christmas, pick The Night Circus!! It is an ENCHANTING story, just like the Holiday Season! 


This follows a very special circus, Le Cirque De Reves, from its starting points, until many years after, as well as all of the people who have been impacted by it when they went to visit. It is about a magic competition, similar to The Crown’s Game, but about so much more too. The most remarkable thing about it is the writing style and surroundings. I have never felt so INSIDE of a story as when I read The Night Circus. It pulls you in.



-Harry Potter

There is no discussing! Harry Potter MUST be Christmas in book form! It is magical, atmospheric, and FULL of delicious foods that we seem only to be able to eat at Christmas.


The characters in this book are so united and loving, and this definitely shows the true value of friendship and doing the right thing. Harry Potter is part of most of our Christmas traditions and rituals. Reading it around this season is the best.


Also, Harry Potter wins at Christmas because it has its own Winter Read-a-thon so many people participate in! Is anyone joining Harry Xmas To You? <3 



-Let It Snow

I’ve never actually read this book, but I’ve wanted to during Christmas ever since I bought it. Let It Snow wins during this time of the year because of how eager it makes you to read it when December comes around. I haven’t surrendered to its charm yet, but I KNOW I will soon! Besides, the cover is so perfectly fitting! 


-The Book Thief

This is another atmospheric book that transports you completely. World War II was a cold and dark time, but The Book Thief manages to, somehow, no matter the ending and no matter the disgraces happening in the world, give the feeling of hope that somewhere inside us always exists, as well as the power that stories have. Historical fiction is the way to go during Christmas time!



-Murder on the Orient Express

Both this book and its recently adapted movie are PERFECT for the cold time. It is not one of Agatha Christie’s most fast-paced novels, but the slow pacing is what we- or at least I- tend to gravitate towards the most during Winter. Mystery sets the theme for a perfect, engaging Holiday, and it will always keep you interested in its minuscule details that to the eye are insignificant but that end up having big repercussions.


This one specifically wins at Christmas because it is the book that everybody would pick to gift since it is one of Christie’s most popular novels. Everybody hears about Murder on the Orient Express at this time, either because it is on every publisher’s book gift guide, or because it is included in many people’s end-of-the-year favorite books list! This book wins at Christmas because of the spotlight it receives, its beautiful writing, and carefully crafted mystery. P.S. The Orient Express is the best transport to take- just not during snowy weather!  



-The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (Narnia)

Finally, this masterpiece. Narnia is the best place to go to! Who hasn’t loved this story and the wonderful movies? It is one of the best works of fiction out there, and the classic cherry on top of our Christmas Cake.


The Chronicles of Narnia (NEVER knew what that word meant) wins at Christmas because, in this place, IT IS WINTER ALL YEAR ROUND! How about having snow every single day? Ice Castles? Santa Claus coming every other day? It might get tiresome, but that’s not what you think about after living under the burning sun and hot days for three months!


I really hope you enjoyed this post! I had so many things to rave about and so many loving characters I ADORE. Thank you again to Shanu for this excellent idea. Her Fall edition of this feature is linked above!

Also, I have a really small request to make you all! I made a Survey a couple of days ago for you to give me some feedback and help me improve the blog, as well as get to know what you love reading the most at Books Like Wolves! (lol, wolves are so wintery too!) 


I would love you so much if you could take just a couple of minutes to answer it. It asks some key questions that are really helpful for me to have in mind. It would be like an end-of-the-year suggestion letter to me and my blog. I hope you can check it out. It will be linked down below and on the envelope icon in the sidebars! Thank you so much! 

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