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Blogmas Day 7: US vs. UK Editions of Books

December 7, 2017

There are some BEAUTIFUL books out there, but they have different editions. Since I cannot buy all of my books from the US, sometimes I may have either one of the editions and I never stick to only one country. Over time, I’ve seen many alternative covers that I’ve hated or preferred. But not always am I able to get my favorite one.


For Blogmas Day 7 I’m going to write about a couple of books that I’ve seen lately and then compare their US and UK editions!

Personally and most of the time, I tend to lean towards US covers for some reason. There are some exceptions, and hopefully, with this post, I’ll find even more UK covers I love. It will be split into two parts. The first one will consist of 5 books I picked because of choice.


But the second will be a more random business, which will really put to test which is the percentage of US and UK covers I actually prefer out of another 5. I will include polls all throughout so that you too can vote for your favorite covers! 


I hope you have fun with this post as much as I surely will. Let me know in the comments which are your preferences!

(US on the left, UK on the right. CLICK on the Images to know where they are from).  

-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s / Philosopher's Stone 

I obviously had to start out with a CLASSIC, didn’t I? This series has gotten a couple of cover changes and rereleases in different formats (included the illustrated version I absolutely LOVE). I think I may be biased because I grew up reading the books with this edition, but I totally prefer the US cover for its original release in America.


I don’t think they can compare at all, but some people may argue. UK citizens will also probably disagree. But I personally like the US cover more because think it has a more interesting color palette, as well as a far more thrilling scene being portrayed. The US wins.



However, I have mixed feelings about the cover changes. When comparing only the covers of the rerelease editions of The Sorcerer’s Stone, I would forever choose the UK version! I LOVE the US spines and the box set, and although the UK spines also look cool, I lean towards book sets with spines that make up an image. But as for the actual covers of the entire series re-made, UK wins for me.  





Which original editions cover do you prefer?





-Far From the Tree



This book hasn’t been released in the UK yet, which really disappointed me when I asked my father to buy it on his trip to London. However, BOTH editions have absolutely STUNNING covers really worth acquiring. The US edition is mind-blowing with its intricate design and perspective, and the colors are very pleasing.


The UK version is a nice, light-teal color and has a much more interesting font. I love the leaf-doodles in the UK one and the general movement both covers convey. But the UK version makes me jump more, and it doesn’t quite stick with me as much as the other one.



But it probably wouldn’t bother me to get either. They would both look gorgeous on the shelves! 





I feel like I’m hitting the UK hard with a stick because here is yet another US cover I prefer. I like the unsympathetic-looking cat and the drawings on the US cover much more! I don’t like that the UK is not as descriptive, and it looks more boring to me. However, I had to get the UK cover in this case, and I can tell you that if you get the hardback copy when you take the dust jacket off you will be able to see a BEAUTIFUL naked cover with really pretty designs. 


That is a great bonus, and there is more! The end-pages are really cute, and on top of each chapter, there are different doodles relating to what will happen. Both editions are probably very beautiful in their ways, but I still like the US cover way more and I was slightly crushed that I had to get the UK one. US WINS.





-Daughter of the Burning City


Alright. I am so sorry for this. I literally may just like US covers more and let’s leave it at that because I like the US version of DOTBC more too! Both editions have a STRONG font game going on, but I LOVE the smoky letters and the fact that I’m able to see some bit of Gomorrah in the back. 




Photo by My Friends are Fiction

Photo by Scorpio Book Dreams


Still, thank the Lord for awesome bookstagramers because they do their damn job RIGHT. These pictures by My Friends are Fiction and Scorpio Book Dreams (links to them below) are the definition of perfection. This was actually a harder battle, but for some reason, I STILL PREFER THE US ONE. I’m sorry I’m really sorry for this nonsensical post…


Do you know which UK cover I prefer above the US one, though, which also WILL NOT be in this post I have no idea why? NEVERNIGHT. Hands Down. That cover is stunning and it surpasses the US by far. 


There. Now I feel less guilty. Going on now.



-The Hate U Give

Photo by Epic Reads


Finally, to conclude this first section, The Hate U Give! Again, I have the UK cover in this case too, and I can tell you that the book spine KICKS ASS. But the face with some letters doesn’t move nor impact me much. On the other side, the bright, white cover of the US gives everything an interesting, artistic TWIST. It actually tells what the book is about. Just putting a black person in there because, "hey, the story’s got something to do with the Black Lives Matter movement", isn’t enough. 




NEXT, here are some RANDOM covers and what I think of them.


What I did was get some numbers chosen by an automatic generator which I will use to count down the books on my Goodreads “Want to Read” shelf. My actual thoughts and the books that I have on my mind because of recent events don’t influence the picks like in the first section.

**Disclaimer**: I generated new numbers if there was no different cover for the US and UK editions.


Now we’ll see how many US and UK books I like from a random selection. Let’s draw the percentages…


The numbers are 107, 18, 84, 48, 9. Thanks, number generator, for making me have to count so high.




107-Tower of Dawn!


OMG, this is actually an interesting one to talk about!!! I thought I would get boring picks, but this is a fun one! As soon as the covers were released, I immediately thought I preferred the US version. Again, I liked to see the city in the background whilst the UK didn’t feature it.


But then after some time, I started liking the UK edition more. The bright explosion makes it much better than the US one because of the difference in color. The more grey tones on the US cover make it look more boring. 


I ended up buying the UK cover and I LOVE it. It did not disappoint, and it looks even better IRL. I also like the explosion is made of textured material and it comes out of the smooth surface. UK WINS FINALLY!



18-The Nowhere Girls


There’s no debating. The US cover is much better by far. I understand what they tried to do with the UK cover and how it relates to the story (judging by the synopsis), but the background color and font are BORING ME TO DEATH.










84-The Naturals


Both of these covers are horrible, in my opinion. And although I usually don’t like cheesy covers with people on them, I like this girl’s vibe. Maybe the US cover says more about the story, but I prefer the UK one this time anyway. 










48-The Falconer 



I like the epicness of the UK cover, but the font is terrible and I just don’t like it. I don’t think it is aesthetically pleasing at all. In the other hand, the US cover looks way better and still super badass. 










68-172 On The Moon



Here’s another case where the UK cover doesn’t tell me MUCH. There’s a girl… and although she is inside a round circle similar to the roundness of the moon, IT’S NOT EXCITING. 172 hours On the Moon with an accentuation on 172 hours, and featuring a CREEPY eye that stares at the surface of the moon looks THRILLING.


From what I’ve heard, this book is terrifying, so the US makes a better job of conveying the book’s themes. Plus, it grabbed my attention. Never in a thousand years would I have picked up or bought that UK edition if I’d seen it on a bookstore’s shelf. US WINS! 

UK stats: 40%

US stats: 60%


In Conclusion: I think I do tend to like US covers more, even though I should not be biased because I am neither from the States nor UK. On that final round, I think UK editions did MUCH better, though. This was SUCH a fun experience, and I had a really great time being judgemental. 


But remember kiddos: Don't judge a book by its cover. Yeah, right!


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