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Top Ten Bookish Settings I’d Love To Visit

December 5, 2017

How many times have we wished we could live inside our favorite fictional worlds, or at least spend a day in them? The best thing and what I love the most about books is that they transport me and let me see the world through thousands of eyes.

I don’t have to stay where I am if I have a good story to read. Forget driver’s licenses and cars. Reading is a much more effective method to escape. 


“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”. - Mason Cooley


I love that quote because it is so true and so relatable. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Bookish Settings We’d Love to Visit. When I’m bored, sad, happy, in need of some thinking time, these are the places I’d love to go to in real life. I hope you enjoy this list!  

1-Velaris from ACOMAF

There is no way I’ll write about bookish settings without mentioning Velaris and Hogwarts. Velaris is the top city on my Wish List. I love the night time way more than the day, and Velaris’ starry nights would be so beautiful to experience. This must be my favorite fictional city ever. 






No matter whether the readers are 10 years old or 30, everybody still hopes to get their letter someday. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the most imaginative and unique place I have EVER read about. Not only is the magic aspect appealing to the Harry Potter books and settings, but also the castle’s mysterious air and grand feeling. It is such an impressive setting to read about and imagine yourself in.



                        3-Mars from The Martian 


I would also be TOTALLY freaking out on Mars, but how cool would it be? Maybe we’ll get to go someday truly, but it would mark a whole new era of humanity. Super scary but so thrilling! 


4-Camp Half-Blood 

Fictional schools, boarding schools, and camps are MY THING. The three of those words are immediate buzzwords that draw me in and efficiently sell me a book. Camp Half-Blood is a particularly exciting place because of all the out-of-the-normal activities such as Capture the Flag (battle version), the different Cabins, training sessions, and habitual quests taking place that never miss including a trip to the Underworld and back.



5-The Night Circus

I would be happy visiting any fictional circus, but this one is at the very top because of how vividly described it was. Erin Morgenstern did a really fantastic job creating the setting for this book, and I fell in love with her writing style. I could almost hear the crowds, taste the chocolate candies, and visualize the black, white, and red tents because of how well written everything was. But actually attending the Circus would be so cool! 






6-Prickwillow Place 

The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry is another book with a very well developed ambiance. This was a children’s mystery novel, pushing over to the Young Adult side, and it was SO. GOOD. I would love to visit Prickwillow’s Boarding School just to get the experience of the foggy meadows, rainy countrysides, and dark mansion overlooking the vegetable patch.

Now that I am recalling the setting of this book, the Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood adaptation on Netflix (consisting of 6 mind-twisting episodes) really has the SAME vibes as this book did for me. It’d be quite an experience to visit this somewhat creepy place. 





Warcross absolutely blew my mind. Marie Lu really exceeded all my expectations by writing about such a developed future world and all of the technological advances. Playing Warcross inside Virtual Reality would be THRILLING. I want to do it so bad!




This place freaked me out when I was a kid, and it still kind of does now. The characters and MADNESS about everything in this world scared me. Alice in Wonderland is one of the weirdest and most disturbing Disney movies, in my opinion.


The expressions of the cartoons and everything about the way the setting of Wonderland was portrayed in that movie was VERY fitting, but also very disturbing.

Visiting it, however, would be exciting for me. I would likely piss my pants at least once as well, but what is life without an adventure?


9-The London Institute from The Infernal Devices

London in the 1800s would be my number one period of time I’d love to time travel to. Reading TID was very enriching in that sense. 






10-SupaCon from Queens of Geek

I’ve never been to a Book or Comic convention before, but I would LOVE to. That is why I am also including the setting of Queens of Geek. This lovely book filled with diverse characters and amazing representation was really special for me because the main characters were attending their first convention. SupaCon is a place on my To Do List!

Writing this post was fun, but also depressing because most of these places don’t actually exist in real life. However, upon reflection, I decided that there are several alternatives.


I can go to any Book Convention and in a similar way be visiting SupaCon, go to the Harry Potter Universal Studios Theme Park, go to any real-life circus show, and, let’s face it, eventually we’ll go to Mars as well. Probably. All hope is not lost!!!


What fictional place are you DYING to visit?


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