Blogmas Day 4: Favorite Bookish Candles On My Wish List

December 4, 2017

It’s Blogmas Day 4! Yesterday I wrote about my Gift Guide for Book Lovers, and I included a couple of Bookish Candles I really loved that I thought would be great gifts for Book Nerds. But I was left with MANY more recommendations for other amazing candle companies and small shops which have a wide variety of candles I am LUSTING for!

The candle business is pretty big among the bookish community, and especially popular on Bookstagram, so hopefully some of you will be interested in knowing which are my favorite book-inspired candles!

Tell me in the comments which is your favorite Candle Shop and which is your favorite Bookish Candle! Have a nice day!

In The Wick Of Time


I appreciate the aesthetic of In The Wick Of Time so much. I especially love the sparkly and beautiful labels on their products, and all three of these candles are no exception.

They are made from pure 100% soybeans which are USA grown, Kosher certified, Cruelty-free (Fragrance oil as well), Pesticide, herbicide, and toxin free, and Fragrance oils are paraben free. I think they have great quality designs and packaging as well.




Jasmine, Lemon Verbena, Crackling Embers (Smoky Cedar)


We’re All Mad Here

Strawberry Shortcake



Wick and Fable 


They have some of the best photography and they create entire, unique environments for every shot with each of their candles. Wick and Fable’s Instagram is beautiful. This candle is $6.00 USD and it has the scent of Rich Wine, Woods, and Sweet Berries. It sounds like a strong scent, dense and powerful just like Manon Blackbeak.  



Hello, Witchling

Library Lights

The Mortal Instruments / The Infernal Devices Inspired, 100% Soy Candle (Vegan), 8oz Jar w/ Lid.  It smells of the calm before the storm, midnight demon hunts, and the faint burn of a stele. 


New York Institute

Novelly Yours 


Novelly Yours has the most colorful and sparkly candle content. Their Instagram account focuses more on getting a clear shot of the product. Their labels are designed in a different style and have no decorative photos of the backgrounds. They are white and have different, fun fonts on them.


The striking effect of these candles is a consequence of their tinted, waxy insides. I personally prefer this style of candle labels, minimal and classic, even though I also enjoy some other types of styles. I like the tall, 12oz Jars from this company. 


The Hallows 

This one was the candle I included in yesterday's Gift Guide! Scents:

THE CLOAK: cloth, musk, old magic

THE STONE: amber, stone, elixir

THE WAND: elder wood, cedar, dark forest


Stories and Sunsets

Fresh air, Outdoors, Amber, Bergamot, Fresh Greenery.


Seasons of Gilmore

Scents by layer:


WINTER: peppermint, snow, cedar, spruce

SPRING: flower garden, meadow

SUMMER: cotton tree, honeysuckle, grass, poolside

FALL: apple picking, cider donuts, fallen leaves

Candles of a Fangirl


Their Instagram account is another fave. They have a black & white, a bright aesthetic that looks soothing and classy. You’ll probably find many lovely items from this shop!


Lila Bard


Books Heart Candles 

This is a German company and this particular candle ROCKED MY WORLD. It is super fitting for the Sherlock Holmes vibe!



From The Page


From The Page is my favorite candle shop. I became obsessed with them at the beginning of this year with the Shadowhunters candle. I love the tall sizes and simple labels. The font is perfect and I love the doodles on them. The lids are also perfect, practical, and nice.



Shadowhunters probably smell a bit more like sweat and ichor, but the Shadowhunters candle uses the scent "Angel Type", aptly chosen to fit the angel's blood that the Nephilim have. The scent is Angel type, which is an earthy mix of patchouli and bergamot.


Drink of Wizards

Enjoy the frothy goodness of a buttery beer with this candle! A nice mixture of butterscotch and vanilla will make you think of the wizarding drink! The scent is butterscotch and vanilla.


The Pemberley candle is inspired by Pride and Prejudice and Darcy's home. A mix of greens and florals will bring you to this house and the surrounding nature. Perfect for Austen fans! The fragrance used is English Garden (lily, lilac, rose and hyacinth).


Thornfield Garden

Transport yourself to the grounds of Thornfield Hall with this Jane Eyre inspired candle! With the mix of floral scents, you'll feel like you're walking with Jane and Mr. Rochester. The scent is rose and rain water (carnation, lily, crisp white grapefruit and jasmine).

I LOVE bookish candles, but I would not like to have more than 3 at a time. Accumulating them is not my thing. However, I would love to get one of these for Christmas and burn them in my room. Nerdy Candles make me feel excited about festivities and decor.


I hope you enjoyed this post and tell me in the comment which is your favorite Candle Shop! Happy Holidays


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