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Beautiful Books // WIP Q&A

October 24, 2017

Just like every year, the hosts are giving their amazing, monthly link up “Beautiful People” a small rest an do instead a different edition. Sky and Cait from Paper Fury  host Beautiful Books so we can focus on  our NaNoWriMo projects. The format is the same as Beautiful People. We’ll post 10 questions to answer about your WiP — aka your beautiful book. 


The start of my WIP can be found on my Fifteen Minute Ficlets (hosted by The Literary Phoeix) edition that I did last weekend. That’s another awesome feature you should check out if you are a writer or starting out!!!

I’m excited about this story ahhhh!!! Planning and answering these questions has been such a fun time! Leave a link to your Beautiful Books post or Fifteen Minute Ficlets excerpt!

Beautiful Books Q&A 


1-What inspired the idea of your novel, and how long have you had the idea?


I was sitting beside my bedroom’s window and staring out into the garden. It was quite a sunny day and the backyard looked really nice from there. But for some reason, the air felt eerie and I was getting strange vibes worthy of writing down. I kept imagining a girl with dark hair staring at me, and her name was in my mouth as well. I’d found a new AMAZING weekly meme called 15 Minute Ficlets earlier that week, and I’d promised myself I would try to join. 

So I thought up a random word, the first one that came to my mind:


“Garden”, inspired by the beautiful view of my bedroom’s window. I literally have had this idea for no more than seven days, but it already feels like some time. I keep jumping into the world. 


2-Describe what your novel is about!


Some years ago, a young Queen of a Kingdom, no more than 15 years of age, was attacked by an enemy nation. Her castle and cities were raided, and troops marched in to steal valuable treasures and turn the villages upside down. Not only did they leave homes in devastating ashes, but they also raped and violated all of the women and children in every household, including the Queen inside her very chambers.


The King and his army took her to their nearest encampment and kept her a prisoner. Enraged, the Queen’s legion of female trainees and assassins loyal to the Goddess of Murder, Regina, set out to save the Queen. In silence and at night, they found the Queen tied up inside a tent, and they freed her. But an enchantment had been placed surrounding the Queen’s prison. Solid rock crept up their legs and torsos until they were immobilized from their waist down. The King slaughtered each and every one of the Queen’s protectors, torturing them until they cried out to God in their last moments. Just like that, the Queen’s army was gone. 


He took the Queen back to her castle and locked her up. He cursed her kingdom with a punishment of dark sorcery, and from that moment on, the Queen was condemned to reside trapped. Her castle progressively sank amongst twirling leaves until, one day, there would be no more air left and they would suffocate under climbing intricacies. 


Desperate to keep her people alive, she begged the king to stop the plants from growing. He agreed, upon one condition. 


During half the time of the year, among the season of hot days and Spring, when all plants are prone to bloom, the Queen cut the twigs and leaves that curled upon her windowsill from dawn to dark, even though they kept growing with each slice. 

And from the first day of Autumn until the end of Winter’s cold, the Queen was taken back to the Black King’s palace and kept in his chambers with him all night long. Until Summer rose again and she was allowed to return, always coming back in 12 months’ time. 


This is what happens before my book, and it’s kind of the history that I have as background information. I still have to adjust things.


3-What is your book’s aesthetic? Use words or photos or whatever you like!


Words: Autumn, thief, twigs, raven, maid, assassins, female.


4-Introduce us to each of your characters! What I have thought about up to now...


Raven: She is the only one I have given a name to. I don’t want to talk about her character yet, but you already know about her life from the description of the story above. 

The Black King: He wants something that only Raven can give him, and that was why he took her prisoner and forced her into that vow. 


Thief: This is the first person that will form a part of Raven's crew. The *Thief* (unnamed for now) has stolen something from Raven’s castle and caught red-handed. He can spare himself from prison, a bloody punishment, and public execution if he agrees to collaborate. He has no idea what he’s getting into.


Assassin: This female was called into service by Raven for the same purposes. She was raised as an apprentice and is the sister of the Queen’s first commandant and closest friend, Alexandra, who was murdered by the Black King when their counterattack plans were interjected. She’s every inch the smart, badass person that Raven will trust a lot into.


And… that is about all I’ve got up to now. 


5-How do you prepare to write? (Outline, research, stocking up on chocolate, howling...)


This is such a daunting project and I’m still processing everything inside my mind. I’m deciding on details first before I can start outlining or doing anything at all, but I have the feeling that there will be some very dark tones to this story. I would like to find a way to balance it out.


First, I’m going to summarize every major plot point as best as I can and then join the dots. Before writing anything down, I want to have a full character ARC planned and the solid basis of a plot. This will take much thinking, but I’ve found out that I prefer outlining and knowing where I’m going before starting out.


I want to do even more research on monarchies and the Middle Ages. This will obviously be a Fantasy novel, but I want to have Western history influences and more background. I don’t really have much idea about the big scope of the world-building, and to develop this I will need to prepare my mind thoroughly. I want to create my own world, so it will be a hard task. 


To write, I need to have a cozy mat next to me, a nice view, and any inspirational elements that will keep me from burning out or getting blocked. I like scrolling through Pinterest every now and then because I get really inspired. Developing this big idea that is ONLY inside my head is very messy, and I need to have a clean and organized space before starting to write.  


6-What are you most looking forward to about this novel?


The characters and their relationships. The people that are going to star in this story are not very defined yet, but I know that they will go on a big journey. I’m also super excited about writing the world and the Queen’s castle. I’m definitely looking forward to conveying the Autumn feeling and the strange, magic vibes that are part of this book.


7-List 3 things about your novel’s setting.


-It takes place mostly during Autumn.

-It takes place in a palace and several kingdoms.

-It’s strange and eerie but filled with magic.


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