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Top Ten Disgusting Foods & Culinary Nightmares

October 19, 2017

Happy Thursday! This week for Top ten Tuesday the topic was Yummy Foods in Books, and I loved doing that post and talking about all of the delicious stuff that is featured in literature. But I had promised you guys that I would post ANOTHER post related to that one today!


As I was coming up with delicious foods to talk about, some DISGUSTING options were also jumping into my mind. Some of these even made me laugh out loud, so I thought it would be fun to include some CULINARY NIGHTMARES as well! This was originally going to be part of the TTT post as a full, long one, but since it was too extense I decided to separate it in two.

Heather from Based On A True Story hosts a link up every single month with giveaways and fun stuff ONLY for food posts and shenanigans, and she told me that I should join this time!


I'm definitely doing it, and you should all absolutely check out the link up and see what delicious things other people are writing about every month. Thanks Heather for inviting me!


Now, here are ten terrible foods featured in books that I think are absolutely horrid. I wouldn’t eat a single thing from this following list, and I still have nightmares about them:

Top Ten Disgusting Foods & Culinary Nightmares


-Poisoned Apple, from Snow White

I’d drop dead, so there’s no need for an explanation o WHY this is here.



-Maggoty Haggis, from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

This **peculiar** plate is served at Headless Nick’s Birth (Death) day Party. Haggis= a pudding dish made of the heart and liver of a sheep, and it is boiled in the stomach of the animal, according to Dictionary.com 




-The Wormeaters

I think this was a movie from long ago that I watched when I was a kid. There were these children that challenged and bullied a boy into eating worms. He did and got addicted to it or something. I had to swallow my vomit. 

If you want to torture me, drop the knife and pick up any type of insect. The WORST thing that could ever happen to me would be eating a worm or swallowing a moth. Fun Fact: a classmate swallowed a fly by accident the other day and did not cease heaving during the rest of the day. He got low-key teased, but he was in pain and disgusted, and I could only flinch and look away to avoid gagging as well. 



-Oreos, from Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

I actually really don’t like these cookies. They just contain too much food coloring and fake food scents for me to bare. I try really hard not to feel like my friends are intoxicating themselves when they eat them, and I fail. Please don’t get offended if you’re an Oreo fan! I did really love the book, though.



-Ursula’s Restaurant from Rise of the Isle of the Lost 

With an —enchanting— slogan that reads: "You’ll take it how I make it”, Ursula’s rotten fish shop makes it the most disgusting dining place ever. Take a look at this putrid selection:


◦ Sea Slime.


◦ Shell Smell and Fish Guts.


◦ Pond Scum and Brine Balls.


◦ A Bucket of Chum with a Side of Rot. Dry or Wet is optional.


Each plate is at least a week old, and that makes it the best restaurant on The Isle. I wouldn’t dream of eating here...



-Witch Chocolate (Mouse-Maker edition!), from The Witches by Roald Dahl

If you haven’t read this children’s classic, you need to. I feel like we have all read at least one Roald Dahl book and LOVED it. The Witches was mine, but these Mouse-Maker chocolates sound as tempting as a plate of horse shit. 


Want to have a tail, two years, and a heart that races? Want to be the size of a human hand, grey, and squeaky? Take two for one of Witch Chocolates and turn into a mouse today! With no delays! 


-The Poisoner’s Feast, from Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Every single meal in this dinner has some type of poison, be it Wolfsbane or some even deadlier concoction. The main treats are Scorpion Tails, venom included, so I’d also pass on this one.



-A Dinner of Veal, from The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place 

After this wonderful Sunday meal, the Mistress of St. Etheldreda’s Boarding School for young women dropped dead alongside her mean, plump brother. Thankfully, the Scandalous Sisterhood is there to hide and bury them in the vegetable patch to avoid going home.


Read this book, it was hilarious and so cool!


-All the Meat in The Arabian Nights

A wife and son are cruelly turned into a sheep and calf, then accidentally get slaughtered and eaten in this book.

Fish that get fried and, even dead and on the pan, raise their heads to respond to a sorcerer’s inquiries are also featured. They turn to coal right after. Pigs, sheep, and all animals are murdered and cooked for every feast. I just don’t dig it. 


There’s a bit too much killing in this book, both of animals and human beings. I wouldn’t attend The Sultan’s great feast for anything in the world because then I’d surely come across a twenty-year-old guy that was magically converted into a boar and eat him without knowing.



-Blood, from all of the gruesome Vampire Books

Disgusting, really.



1 For the Future: Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser


I really hope you enjoyed this short post! Leave a link to your Foody Posts or Top ten Tuesdays! Let me know which of these things disgusted you THE MOST!


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