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Fifteen Minute Ficlets

October 15, 2017

Fifteen Minute Ficlets (#15MF) is a weekly Sunday writing challenge hosted here on The Literary Phoenix.  Based on a single word, write a short story in fifteen minutes.  The word count is irrelevant.  Just write your heart out for 15 minutes and be inspired by the word.  You never know what you’ll end up with!



1- a plot of ground, usually near a house, where flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, or herbs are cultivated.

2- a piece of ground or other space, commonly with ornamental plants, trees, etc., used as a park or other public recreation area:

a public garden.

3- a fertile and delightful spot or region.

The backyard looked bright and sunny from the glass window on the first floor. Leaves of every color, shape, and form made up the garden’s decor, and the floor was arranged in a slovenly combination of dark browns, reds, and yellows. 


As sun rays illuminated the little sprouts of flowers left from the spring, some scarce gleams also poured into Raven’s room. The wooden windowsill before her was adorned with long, messy tangles of thin stems and tiny buds, all climbing up and around the surface in twirls and spins of an intricate plant. Raven fidgeted with one elongated branch and fingered it. As it curled around her hook, she grabbed the sharp scissors sitting on her bedside table and cut it off. The limb fell onto the floor, and she repeated the same steps with two other flexible sticks that were already threatening to trespass. But wherever she cut, another stem grew; a never-ending task. 


One by one they fell to the rug. In silence, she continued to stare off into the garden. A strong wind lifted some of the crisp leaves and tousled her hair, but she kept the glass framework open nevertheless. Raven didn’t cease to tend the climbing plants, not even as another burst of air moved the curtains violently, and not when the tall vase atop her table shook and staggered, almost falling. 


Unflinchingly, she remained standing, cutting, and staring off into nothing. Nothing but a garden filled with nude trees and naked shrubs, roots surrounded by layers of crunchy leaves that had been torn off with the change of season. Autumn offered nothing but silence and a limited orange palette. The Fall time brought strong colors and scents, but also took away the dignity of the regal trees, as well as Raven’s freedom. 


It was almost time. 


A little info : I was practicing imagery today, so I did my best at portraying the autumn feeling and visual descriptions. I think I may want to continue this story on my next Fifteen Minute Ficlet, probably taking place next week. It's a story that just jumped into my mind. It takes place during Fall, but there are still some traces of Spring left behind. I'm sensing some darker vibes from this character, Raven, and I'm interested to see where she takes me!


This obviously doesn't have much of a plot yet, but it was what I came up with in 15 minutes!


Tell me if you enjoyed this really small piece of writing, and whether my purpose was met. Feedback, guys, is ABSOLUTELY welcome since I'm participating of this weekly feature to practice and improve. I love writing, and doing this was SO exciting! I was sitting right next to my window while writing it, so there you have some explanation on why I chose "Garden" and where I got some inspiration... Leave a link to your 15 min Ficlets! I'd love to read what you write too!

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